Top 5 Best Belt Sander review

1. Wen 6502T 4.3Amp belt and 6-inch disc sander with cast iron base

The WEN belt disc sander is reliable and versatile sanders that can easily smooths, sands and removes all of the jagged splinters and the edges on your lumber and wood. With the help of the WEN 4.3 Amps ½ HP motor the users can get more number of benefits and users also should anticipate to get enough power to prevent the machine from bogging under the large load. So, you need to take care of the load only then you can get the maximum performance from the WEN 6502T belt sander machine. If you are in need of changing the spacious of the Wen belt sander machine from 4-inch by 36-inch belt breeze, then you have the power to switch and must replace the sand paper grits as per required without wasting the time. The following are the some of the benefits and advantages of the WEN 6502T 4.3 Amps belt sander machine.

  • The sander machine belt also tilts anywhere from the 0 to 90 degrees for accommodating the needs of your particular piece of work, but when you use the heavy cast iron with base then the machine can prevent the vibrations.
  • In addition to the above things the WEN 6502T sander machine contains the 6-inch sanding disc and with the help of this disc you will be having the capacity to sand your desired work pieces.
  • This kind of the sanding discs are accompanied by the sturdy cast aluminium work table especially for providing the support to the user and with this support the machine does not shake and it works efficiently.
  • When you purchase the sander machine with the belt disc sander then it is a miter gauge for the steady sanding on the angle edges and a stop bar will be presented for ensuring the control and safety, the machine also contains the 2.25-inch dust port to connect with the dust extractor.
  • Due to all these benefits the belt sander for sale comes with the two years of warranty, a nationwide network of the experienced and skilled technicians and helpful 24/7 customer service line is provided by the WEN machine manufacturers.

The WEN 6502T belt sander machine has wide range of benefits and the belt sander with this specification is found to be the best belt sander one and it also provides the excellent performance and functions comparing to other brands and types of the belt sander machine.

2. Matika 9403 11 Amp 4-inch by 24-inch belt sander machine with cloth dust bag

The Matika 9403 belt sander machine combines the speed and power with the efficient stock removal, less noise for fast and it has ease of use features.  This 9403 belt sander machine model is ideal for the carpenters, floor installers, general contractors, deck builders, furniture makers and for woodworkers who requires a best in class belt sander machine. The belt sander machine 9403 has features of powerful 11 AMP motor with the electronic speed for controlling and to maintain the constant speed under heavy load. A 4-inch wide belt and a speed of 1,640 feet/min for the fast stock removal, moreover this belt sander machine also features less noise when it is functioning in which at 84dB the sander belt machine is found to be the quietest in its class.

The following are the pros of the Matika 9403 11 AMP belt sander machine.


  • The 9403 model belt sander machine has 4-inch wide belt with a speed of 1,640 ft/min for the fast material removal.
  • At front the machine has a large grip that is positioned to provide comfort to the operator.
  • This machine gives the innovative design for the sanding flush to the wall with side and nose of sander.
  • The machine has labyrinth construction seal and it protects the bearings and motor from contamination.


  • The speed of the belt sander is comparatively less
  • It cannot give best speed performance under heavy load

The belt sander machine has a replaceable ceramic wear plate and this keeps the maintenance time to be at minimum and makes the low profile to provide the less gouging and solid balance. The machine contains a highly efficient dust collector which collects the waste dust materials from the machine where this dust collector component is made up of high quality material.

The grit stays connected with the belt sander machine and this sander machine is of double insulated so it can do not gets damaged. The machine is designed in such a way that the cord is located in the upper portion of the handle for the convenience of the operator. The machine contains the dust bag that swivels 360 degree for more convenient operation and the only drawback is that the bag is made up of the cloth which will not be withstanding for long duration of time and requires often replace.

3. Skil 7510 sandcat 6 AMP 3-inch and 18 inch belt sander machine with the pressure control

The skil 7510 belt sander machine is a 3 by 8-inch belt sander machine that has the pressure control feedback system and the micro filtration system that is specifically designed to capture the fine dust practices from the sander machine. This automatic pressure control feedback system makes 7510 belt sander machine different and unique from others, when you use this machine then the pressure control technology will monitor the sanding pressure automatically. When the amount of pressure is right then the indicator lights up and this indication helps you in removing some guesswork from your sanding projects. If you are using other sander machines then you have to check and judge the amount of pressure that you should apply.


  • The 7510 belt sander machine is capable for sanding any types of wooden surface
  • This portable belt sander is specifically designed to be flexible and this does the sand flush on the different edges and surfaces.
  • It is very easy to clean up the machine once the job is completed and this saves your valuable time.
  • This 7510 is found to be cheap belt sander machine.


  • The machine contains the cloth dust collector bag and you need to do manual work for checking the bag whether it is full or not, in which you need to change or remove the dust once the bag is full.
  • The 7510 belt sander machine adapts only for the wood related projects and works.
  • Imported machine where you need to get the customer service from the technician of the same country where you have imported the 7510 belt sander machine.

You can use the auto tracking alignment function that helps the machine in keeping your belt in centre position while it is in use. This machine can be only imported from other countries when you want to use it. The single level belt of this machine must be changed and it should be replaced on time for further processing of the machine. The 7510 belt sander machine has the pressure control technology and this warns the user when there is an excessive pressure is applied to the machine where this may be helpful for the smaller projects but it is not suitable one for the larger and heavy load projects.

4. Black Decker DS321 dragster 7Amp 3 by 21-inch belt sander machine with clot

The black Decker belt sander machine is a world leading provider of storage and tools, engineered fastening systems and electronic security with the track record of sustained profitable growth and the growth platforms. This machine has been setting the standard design of power tools, outdoor yard care equipment, automotive, accessories, standard innovative, lighting products, home cleaning products, hardware and other home improvement products.

At first the inventor placed this machine on the portable electric drill with the trigger switch, pistol grip, black and Decker that has been evolved from small machine shop in Maryland, Baltimore, to marketing power house and global manufacturing with the broad line of quality products that are used in home and for also commercial applications. When the users need to get the work done then they trust this black Decker sander machine for the products that will do the job reliably and efficiently.


  • The machine is compact and lightweight
  • It is best suited one for the home improvement enthusiasts
  • The black Decker belt sander machine boasts the retractable for optimum control
  • The inbuilt dust collector helps to keep your work area clean
  • It has a flush body design that allows for sanding the against the vertical surface


  • It is an imported machine
  • It takes time to change the paper when you adjust the knob or utilize the belt release lever

The black Decker belt sander machine features with the cloth dust bag, seven amp motor, high performance, moreover this electric belt sander machine sands close to the edge of the adjoining surfaces. The machine contains the retractable hood exposes that enhance the versatility of the sanding belt especially in the tight spaces. This machine has the low profile design with the extended reach for giving the maximum functionality in which when you use this machine you can improve and increase the performance of the productivity and motor.

In addition to all these things the machine has three positions adjustable handle that helps you in providing the comfort even in the different dimensions of the belt sander machine. This machine is very suitable on for the vertical surface area where you can get the work done efficiently and effectively but at the same time you cannot expect the same performance from the machine on the horizontal surfaces.

5. EX electronix express mini 1 by 30 belt sander with 3400 RPM

The electronix express is the company that has been started and got years of experience in crafting in which their express mini 1 by 30 inch belt sander has more than one power tools. The machine contains broad array of the devices and equipment devices that are mainly constructed to provide the benefits and in the motive of focusing on the many power tools. This means that all the power tools are not of in the same quality as same to their competitors but they all provide the excellent performance and reliability in its functionality. This mini 1 by 30 belt sander machine from electronic express is just as qualified and specified tools by many of the competition.


  • The price of machine is available at affordable for its class
  • The electronix express belt sander machine is more powerful one for its size
  • It holds wide range of convenient features and equipped with powerful technology


  • The quality of the tools will not get you a tool that is worthy of its price tag
  • It is not the absolutely perfect one for the spectacular belt sander
  • This machine tool meets only average user expectations.

Most of the belt sander reviews says that the electronix express belt sander machine holds wide number of advantages but the drawback is that it can be used only for the specified and single work and it does not supports the heavy load of work.

The review of this belt sander machine supports the 1 by 30 inch of the belt sander size and this machine motor function at 1/3 RPM at 3400 RPM. The electronix express belt sander machine operates at the power of 120 VAC in which this sander machine operates effectively but when you give over load then the machine gets sucked and you need to repair the machinery motor. This machine can be installed only upon the table and size of the table is around 5 by 5 inches and you will be requiring to take care of the belt sander machine when you are performing the heavy load function and moreover this machine suitable for only horizontal surface.