Reviews of the various dog houses and choose the best one for your pet

1. Petmate Indigo W/MICROBAN

Petmate Indigo W/MICROBAN is a right choice of the dog house for your pet at home. It is the sturdy and spacious shelter for your dogs and suitable for all seasons. This specialty branded best dog house actually provides the greatest comfort and security for your small or large dogs.

Features of Petmate Indigo dog house:

The following are the highly considerable features of this Petmate Indigo outdoor dog house including,

  • Protection year round – This dog house features the heavy duty construction along with the perfect insulation in cold and hot weather for your outdoor usage.
  • Spacious for dogs of small or big sizes – The dogs of all sizes can stay in this Petmate Indigo dog house in the comfortable and secure manner.
  • Roof ventilation – The ventilation is located on the top of its roof to circulate the fresh air and always keep your pet comfortable inside.
  • Stays longer & cleaner – This Microban anti-microbial dog house for sale helps preventing the growth of the odor causing bacteria or any other stains.    
  • Raised floors – The floors of this outdoor pet house can be raised above the ground according to the comfort level and requirement of your dog.


  • Easy assembly – Petmate Indigo pet house provides you the easy and quick assembly design for the greatest convenience of the pet owners without requirements of any other tools.
  • Accessories available – For the additional comfort of your dogs, the pet owners of this best dog house can customize it with the pad or door which should be purchased separately.
  • Heavy duty construction of this pet house keeps your dog always cooler in the summer season and warmer in the winter season.
  • Extended and offset doorway helps protecting pets from the rain and wind inside the house.
  • Petmate Indigo dog house has gone to the best lengths to continue enhancing the lives of the dog owners at all times.
  • Comfortable airflow and enough sleep will be guaranteed with this dog house in the outdoor location.


There are no considerable cons or disadvantages for this Petmate Indigo all-weather protection pet house. This is because it is always the best and most demandable choice among the huge numbers of the dog owners.

2. Suncast DH350 dog house:

All pet owners can take pride in creating the most beautiful environment for your dog with the Suncast DH350 which is the best dog house. It has the enough storage option which is suitable for you. With the deck boxes and sheds in the range of sizes, shapes and styles, it is definitely the best choice of house for your dog.

This pet house can be conveniently built either inside your house or in the outdoor locations. If you have garden or some other space outside your home, you can make your dog’s new house away from your home. You don’t need any tools required for assembling this pet house and it can be easily built by following the instructions in the given catalogue.

Features of Suncast dog house:

Whenever you are considering the features of the Suncast dog house, they include

  • It is completely ventilated to enhance the air circulation.
  • It includes removable roof for the easy cleaning process.
  • Durable resin construction
  • Easy and tool-free assembly


The following are the highly considerable benefits of this Suncast DH350 indoor dog house such as,

  • This dog house has everything you required in order to create the highly beautiful living and sleeping environment to your pet.
  • You can make the highly organized environment to your dog both indoors and outdoors.
  • The pet owners can add the highly functional and tasteful accessories along with it to complete you space.
  • It is safe, attractive and also easy to assemble dog house.
  • It includes the durable resin construction with the crowned floor option.
  • It also has the vinyl letters and doors to customize with the name of your pet.
  • No any other tools required for assembling.


  • It is the small size pet house with the dimension of 32 inches height, 33 inches width and 38.5 inches depth.
  • This dog house is only suitable for the dogs up to 100 pounds as it is small in size. It is not suitable for the larger dogs.

As compared to the Petmate Indigo the best dog house, this Suncast is smaller in size and only for the small and medium size dogs. If you want to put shelter for the bigger dogs at your home, it is always better going with the Petmate Indigo dog house for all your requirements.

3. Petsfit dog house:

Petsfit is one of the leading brands providing the best quality dog houses for all breeds and sizes of dogs. This product has the dimensions of 40.6 x 27.6 x 26 inches and its total weight is about 46.3 pounds. Within a few steps, the pet owners can easily setup and assemble this best dog house for your loveable pet.

Features of Petsfit:

When it comes to the features,

  • The roof of this dog house can be opened easily and the bottom follow can also be removed for the easy cleaning process.
  • It is completely waterproof to keep your dog safe from rain, sunlight and also snow.
  • Easily assemble with the predrilled holes.
  • This pet house includes enough interior dimension, door flap, required door dimension to suit from the small puppies to the large dogs.


  • It is the wooden material with the natural cedar paint.
  • This pet house provides you the asphalt roofing which is the water based paint roof.
  • Whenever you are considering the designs and functions benefits, it can be easily treated with the water based paint that is safer for your dogs.
  • White trim and wine red color.
  • There is also off-center entrance in this pet house in order to give the increased shelter and more space for your dogs to turn around.
  • The small size pet house can help hold the many numbers of small dogs.
  • There are also medium and large size pet houses available from the same Petsfit brand for the medium size dogs like golden retriever and larger dogs.
  • Easy to setup using the simple steps.
  • Petsfit brand has a wonderful return policy on your orders.
  • There will not be any quality problems in future because it is made up of the high quality wood and paint.


  • The pet owner with two or more dogs at home should need to buy the separate pet houses according to their sizes if you are going with this Petsfit brand. 
  • The open roof on the top will not be safe and comfortable for some breeds of dogs.

With these disadvantages, this Petsfit is not suitable for some of your pets. This is why the all time favorite Petmate Indigo is always the best choice of the pet house for all breeds and sizes of the dogs.

4. Petmate Barnhome III dog house:

It is actually the barn shaped dog house from a leading brand Petmate in order to protect your dogs from the cold or hot weather conditions in the outdoor locations. This is also considered to be the best dog house which is highly recommended for the pets with 8 inches height and 17 inches length.

It offers the best ventilation support to handle the different weather conditions and help keeping the dogs dry with the raised flooring. Don’t worry about the rainy season while putting this dog house in the outdoor location. There is special rim on the roof to diver the rain and your dog will be safe at all. This product dimension is 26.5 inches x 18 inches x 16.5 inches along with the weight of 0.32 ounces. This product has full of positive reviews from the different users who are all pet owners as compared to some other dog houses currently available in the market.

Features of Petmate Barnhome 3:

The following are the considerable features including,

  • This pet house includes the rear air ventilation system for promoting the best air circulation inside the house.
  • As it is the tough plastic dog house, it will never require a new roof or will not decompose.
  • There is also an extended rim on the roof of this pet house in order to divert the rain.
  • This dog house has the raised interior flooring to help keep your pet always dry.
  • Improved insulation feature of this house helps keeping your dog cool in the summer season and warm in the winter season.


  • This pet house from the Petmate brand can be easily assembled within a few seconds.
  • It is suitable for both summer and winter season with the help of the enhanced insulation.
  • It is available in the various colors and sizes to fit the dogs from 15 inches to 28 inches tall.
  • The pet owners can also add some other accessories including an easy attaching door for your convenience and you can also add pad for the additional comfort of your dogs.


It is suitable for the small sized dogs but not for the larger one. Even though it is suitable for the small and medium sized dogs, its sturdy structure and beautiful design will add the special beauty to your outdoors.

5. Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 dog house:

Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 is the best dog house providing the rain and snow diverting features to protect your pets at home. It provides the greatest comfort and security to small, medium and also large size pets. It has the durable design because it is made up of the highly durable plastic. This is why it is mold resistant, naturally decomposes and also remains tough against wear & tear. It offers all season protection for your doors with the ventilation system, raised interior floor and rim.

Features of Aspen Pet PetBarn 3:

Whenever you are considering the features of this specialty pet house, they include

  • Highly durable plastic construction in order to offer the reliable and long lasting protection.
  • Raised floor of this pet house keeps your dogs insulated from the ground and always dry at all.
  • There is also the extended roof guard rim in order to diver the snow and rain from the outdoor locations.
  • Barn breaks together for quick and easy assembly.
  • It is made with the plastic material and easy to clean for the pet owners.
  • As it contains the rustic barn design, it will add the unique touch and beauty to your backyard.
  • Rear ventilation system of this pet house provides proper air flow to always keep your dog cool and comfortable.


  • PetBarn dog house is usually available in 4 sizes ranging from 15 pounds to 90 pounds in order to accommodate all breeds, types and sizes of the dogs.
  • As it contains the durable plastic construction, it gives you the benefits of high mold resistance and naturally decomposes.
  • There are also the quick snap latches to provide easy assembly without necessary of the additional tools.
  • It is just like the classic pet products necessary for all pet owners to keep the foods and everything needed for your dogs inside.
  • The durable and high quality plastic construction also prevents the fleas and gives long lasting protection to your dogs.
  • All weather protection will be possible with this pet house.
  • It is one of the cheap dog houses found online and available in the various colors and sizes according to the needs of the pet owners.
  • Easy to clean and you can just rinse it with the plain water.
  • Rustic charm design will add the additional beauty to your outdoors.


This dog house can able to accommodate only the pets ranging from 15 to 90 pounds and it is not suitable for the large dogs.